New team member: Dale Waterhouse

  • Monday, Jun 19, 2023

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Hypervision Surgical team; Dale joins as our Clinical Development Scientist.

Dale is a biomedical researcher with over 9 years of experience developing cutting-edge imaging technologies and translating these into clinic. His previous work involved designing custom optical systems including microscopes, fiberscopes, and endoscopes; handling and analysing large imaging datasets, including use of machine learning techniques; and working closely with clinicians to carry out first-in-human clinical trials.

During his PhD, Dale developed spectral endoscopes—for early detection of cancer during endoscopic surveillance and for delineation of tumour during laparoscopic surgery—and spearheaded their deployment in first-in-human clinical trials.

Dale Waterhouse

Dale’s broad experience and his passion for advancing surgery through technological innovation are well aligned with our goals at Hypervision Surgical.

By augmenting the surgeon’s vision with previously hidden functional information, intelligent hyperspectral imaging has the potential to radically transform surgical visualization, and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes. The talented interdisciplinary team at Hypervision Surgical are poised to realise this potential. I am thrilled to join the team and I look forward to accelerating the clinical development of this incredible new technology.

— Dale Waterhouse

Dale’s extensive experience in developing spectral imaging technologies and translating these in first in-human clinical trials make him an excellent addition to our team. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to accelerating the clinical development of our next-generation vision technology for surgery.

— Michael Ebner, CEO of Hypervision Surgical