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Hypervision Surgical Ltd is a spin-out company formed from King's College London and was founded by a team of clinicians, medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) experts. Based on safe light alone, our goal is to equip clinicians with advanced computer-assisted tissue analysis for improved surgical precision and patient safety.

The Clinical Need

The Clinical Need

Better intraoperative guidance can help reduce patient morbidity and healthcare costs across surgical specialties. For example, brain tumour patients undergoing surgery have significantly improved outcomes and increased life expectancy if complete tumour removal is achieved. However, maximal resection needs to be balanced with the goal of healthy tissue preservation in order to minimise patient risk and neurological impairment. Yet, even with the most advanced current techniques, intraoperative decisions with potentially life-changing consequences are still based on the surgeon’s subjective visual assessment.

Real-time tissue information

Detailed real-time information increases surgical precision and patient safety

Wide-field tissue information

Intraoperative assessment requires a scale compatible with surgical action

Non-contact measurement

Surgical workflow benefits from non-contact measurement approaches

No contrast agent

Independence of exogenous contrast agents prevents side effects

Our Technology

Safe Optical Imaging

Our approach is non-contact, non-invasive and does not require any exogenous contrast agent. We rely on the safe application of light alone.

Quantitative AI Imaging

Using AI, we provide quantitative, wide-field information on physiological tissue properties including perfusion assessment of tissue and blood vessels.

Tissue Differentiation

Our system is capable of AI-driven, wide-field tissue differentiation to identify tumour, normal tissue, nerves and blood vessels – in real time.

Hyperspectral imaging is a safe, non-contact and non-invasive optical imaging modality perfectly suited for the clinic. By splitting light into multiple spectral bands far beyond the conventional red/green/blue colours that the naked eye can see, hyperspectral imaging carries diagnostic information about tissue properties ideal for objective tissue characterisation.

With our strong expertise in interventional imaging, AI and medical devices, we have designed an intraoperative imaging system that seamlessly integrates into the surgical workflow and is capable of wide-field real-time data-driven tissue characterisation. This will objectively enhance the surgeon's ability to visualise and characterise tissue intraoperatively without injecting any contrast agents. In addition, we can monitor vital physiological tissue properties thereby increasing surgical precision and patient safety while optimising resection.

Further clinical studies are scheduled to develop and evaluate our technology to achieve commercial readiness.

Our Team

Michael Ebner

Michael Ebner

Chief Executive

Michael is a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Enterprise Fellow, holds a PhD in medical image computing and brings more than 6 years of R&D experience in MedTech.

Tom Vercauteren

Tom Vercauteren

Chief Scientific Officer

Tom is Professor of Interventional Image Computing at King’s College London and Medtronic / RAEng Research Chair in Machine Learning for Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery. He also brings 10 years of MedTech industry experience.

Sébastien Ourselin

Sébastien Ourselin

Non-Executive Director

Seb is Chair of Healthcare Engineering at King’s College London, has published 500+ peer-reviewed articles and co-founded BrainMiner Ltd, a university spinout company dedicated to diagnostic imaging biomarker extraction. He is a global key opinion leader in healthcare and MedTech.

Jonathan Shapey

Jonathan Shapey

Clinical Lead

Jonathan is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at King’s College London and a Consultant neurosurgeon in skull base surgery at King’s College Hospital. He has first-hand experience in the clinical translation of intraoperative hyperspectral imaging devices.

Conor Horgan

Conor Horgan

Research Scientist

Conor is an Innovate UK Innovation Scholar with a PhD in biomedical engineering. Conor brings over 5 years of R&D experience in biomedical imaging and computational biophotonics.

Phil Noonan

Phil Noonan

Senior Machine Vision Engineer

Phil is an expert in real-time machine vision. He has a PhD in medical physics and 10 years experience in software and hardware development for clinical applications.

Théo Trotouin

Théo Trotouin

System Integration Engineer

Théo is a biomedical engineer with a background in signal and data processing. He brings 3 years of experience in R&D within the MedTech industry including the design, implementation, and validation of spectroscopy systems.

Frederic Halley

Frederic Halley


Frederic is an investor and operating partner at NextWorld Capital. He has a long experience working with technology companies as an operator, an advisor, or a Non-Executive Director (NED).

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New team member: Théo Trotouin

Hypervision Surgical continues to attract new talent to take its technology to market. Théo Trotouin has joined as System Integration Engineer to translate the patent-pending imaging system into a commercial medical device.

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NIHR i4i product development award received for novel imaging system

NIHR i4i product development award received for novel imaging system

A consortium of researchers, clinicians, and industry partners have received an NIHR invention for innovation (i4i) product development award to support a clinical neurosurgery study and quality management system led product development for an intraoperative hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology, designed to make brain tumour removal surgery safer and more complete.

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