Terms of Service

  • Friday, Mar 8, 2024

These are the Terms governing your use of our website (the Site). If there is anything you don’t agree with, you should stop using our Site straight away. However, if you continue to use our Site then you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and the documents referred to in them.

To help, we have tried to put the terms in plain English but please make sure you read the Terms in full.

This statement of terms and conditions was last modified on: 8 March 2024.

1. Definitions

Content means any text, images, video, audio or other multimedia content, software or other information or material submitted to or on our Site.

Intellectual Property (IP) means rights such as: copyright, trademarks, domain names, design rights, database rights, patents and all other intellectual property rights of any kind whether or not they are registered or unregistered (anywhere in the world).

Terms means this statement of terms and conditions of use as updated from time to time.

Privacy Policy means the policy which governs how we process any personal data collected from you, which you can find on our Site in the form of a General Privacy Notice or Applicant Privacy Notice (if you apply for roles advertised with us).

We, us or our means Hypervision Surgical Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under Company Registration No. 12614766. The registered office address for Hypervision Surgical Ltd is London Institute for Healthcare Engineering (LIHE), 100 Lambeth Palace Road, London, SE1 7AR, United Kingdom.

You or your means the person accessing or using our Site.

2. Using our Site

If you are going to use our Site, please do not do anything which may or will impact the security or integrity of our Site or breaks any applicable local laws. If you do, we may suspend or prevent your access to our Site.

3. Data Protection

The Privacy Policy lets you know how we use information we collect about you from our Site.

4. Ownership, Use and Intellectual Property Rights

We either own or licence all intellectual property on our Site. As nice as you are we do not agree to give you any legal rights over the IP other than as necessary for you to access our Site. By using our Site you agree not to try to change or circumvent any notices or digital rights to security technology on our Site.

5. Submitting Information to Our Site

We take data protection very seriously and will do what we can to protect your information, but please understand that given the nature of the internet, the security and confidentiality of any submitted information is not guaranteed.

6. Accuracy of Information and Availability of Our Site

The purpose of our Site is to provide general information on our products and services. We shall try to make sure it is kept accurate, up-to-date and bug-free but we can’t promise it will be 100% of the time. Because of this we also can’t promise our Site will be suitable or right for your purpose(s) and so any reliance you place on the information on our Site is at your own risk. Where we have to take our Site down or suspend access from time to time we will try and keep any disruption to you to a minimum.

7. Hyperlinks

Our Site links to third-party sites with their own terms and conditions of use, which are distinct and different from ours. Remember to take a look at their terms and conditions if you visit them as they will apply too. Also, be aware that just because we refer to others it doesn’t mean that we endorse their sites, products or services.

8. Limitation on Our Liability

Except where applicable law doesn’t allow, we are disclaiming any legal responsibility for any losses suffered by you in relation to your use of our Site.

9. Rights of Third Parties

Only you and us can enforce these Terms – no one else!

10. Variation

We can change these Terms at any time but if we do, and if we do so materially, we will update this page and the last modified date listed above. Be aware that continued use of our Site after any change means you agree to it.

11. Disputes

If You are unhappy with our Site, please get in touch at [email protected] and we will do what we can to try and resolve your concern. If we can’t (but we hope we can!) we will let you know. In the event of a dispute, the courts in England & Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction.