New team member: Josh Gibson

  • Monday, Apr 15, 2024

Hypervision Surgical has expanded its management team with the appointment of Josh Gibson as Head of Technology.

Josh is an expert in the development of advanced sensing platforms, supported by his background in optical physics. He brings over 8 years of experience in product development for start-ups and muti-national companies in the medical devices sector.

Joining from international technology consultancy Cambridge Consultants, Josh’s experience includes prototyping and characterisation of ground-breaking clinical imaging systems and leadership of cross-functional teams. His keen insight into market trends and areas ripe for innovation are well-matched to Hypervision’s mission to revolutionise the safety and precision of surgical practices.

Siloe Bournez

As Head of Technology, Josh will guide Hypervision’s technical development and intellectual property strategy as we bring real-time hyperspectral imaging to the operating room.

I’m thrilled to join the team at Hypervision Surgical, and for the opportunity to contribute to safer and more effective surgical practice. I’m a firm believer in Hypervision’s breakthrough imaging technology and its ability to effect real improvement in intraoperative precision and awareness when it matters most. I look forward to shaping the technical direction of the brilliant and fast-paced team here.

— Josh Gibson