System Integration Engineer

  • Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021

London, United Kingdom

Job title

System Integration Engineer

The role

We are seeking a curious, creative and motivated individual who rises to the challenges of building an innovation-driven, early-stage MedTech spin-out to change the future of surgery and play a significant role in developing our intraoperative imaging system of the company.

As our System Integration Engineer, you will help to design, implement, and validate our intraoperative imaging system. In particular, you will

  • be responsible for the design, development, integration and testing of our intraoperative hyperspectral imaging device at a system level
  • characterise the developed systems and establish calibration procedures
  • perform root cause analysis
  • work closely with our imaging scientists, software development and regulatory teams for efficient integration from system R&D to deployment
  • help design and execute validation tests for our intraoperative hyperspectral imaging system using realistic phantom models, ex-vivo and in-vivo experiments
  • set up procedure for the assembly and quality assurance of integrated prototypes and products
  • facilitate specifying, planning, tracking and scheduling optical imaging system deliverables
  • maintain accurate and up-to-date technical documentation of the delivered hardware
  • be a key driver and contributor to implement our medical device product development cycle as part of an ISO 13485 Quality Management System

At Hypervision Surgical, we welcome candidates who have the core skills for the post and are keen to learn and grow with us. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where a diverse mix of talented people come and enjoy working with each other. By working together, we will change the way surgery is performed and improve patient care.

About us

Hypervision Surgical Ltd is a spin-out company formed from King’s College London and was founded by a team of clinicians, medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) experts. Based on safe light alone, our goal is to equip clinicians with advanced computer-assisted tissue analysis for improved surgical precision and patient safety.

We have developed a computational Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) system for improved intraoperative surgical guidance. HSI is a safe optical imaging modality perfectly suited for the clinic. By splitting light into multiple wavelengths far beyond what the naked eye can see, HSI carries diagnostic information about tissue properties ideal for objective tissue characterisation. This will objectively enhance the surgeon’s ability to visualise and characterise tissue intraoperatively without injecting any toxic contrast agents. In addition, our system can monitor vital physiological tissue properties, thereby increasing surgical precision and patient safety while optimising resection.

Following successful in-patient clinical studies, we are now working on converting our patent-pending technology into a commercial medical device for surgery.

We are building our company at the intersection of surgery, machine learning and interventional image computing for optical systems to increase surgical precision and patient safety. We are backed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, Innovate UK, NIHR (National Institute for Health Research), the Creative Destruction Lab, and King’s Health Partners MedTech Innovations to improve surgical care.

Come make an impact with us and help shape our story.

A bit about you

  • Education in Optoelectronics, Biophotonics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Physics or related technical discipline
  • Hands-one experience working with optical imaging systems
  • Good understanding of engineering concepts such as system architecture, characterisation, and testing
  • (Desirable) Experience working in a regulated industry and preferably in MedTech
  • Analytical thinker, attentive to details, creative and team player
  • Show a strong sense of creating an inclusive environment (Bonus points if you bring a special talent, interest, new language, or unique life experience to the team)

What we offer

  • We offer an opportunity to work at and shape a MedTech start-up uniquely positioned to develop next-generation technology for surgical guidance.
  • As a King’s College London spin-out and member of the King’s MedTech ecosystem, we have key access to crucial resources for R&D and product development for surgery, including access to hospitals, a mock operating room, lab spaces, and computational facilities.
  • A 2-year clinical neurosurgery study is scheduled to commence in Q1 2022: Your work will directly impact the experiments we run and the product we build.
  • Building on a highly multidisciplinary background (surgeons, computer scientists, mathematicians, biomedical engineers, regulatory affairs specialists, and KOLs for surgical healthcare technology) our team consists of world-leading experts in machine learning / AI for medical imaging, interventional imaging and medical devices for surgical guidance.
  • Our stellar advisory board includes serial entrepreneurs for MedTech companies in surgery and surgical robotics, in addition to VC investors. You will work closely with thought leaders in healthcare engineering to develop and scale an early-stage MedTech start-up.
  • We pride ourselves on an environment at the intersection between industry, academia and hospitals that cultivates curiosity, creativity and autonomy to develop innovative technologies for the patient and public benefit.
  • We offer flexible working arrangements, including flexible hours and remote working.
  • We are committed to growing our employees and offering equal opportunities for advancement.


To apply, send your CV and Cover Letter to